Thermal Expansion

Over small temperature ranges, the linear nature of thermal expansion leads to expansion relationships for length, area, and volume in terms of the linear expansion coefficient .

Expansion Concepts

Expansion in Liquid

Water will be exspand if it heated. And will contract if temperature decrease.

Water Anomaly

Water have minimum volume in 4 °C and have maximum density.

that is the reason why ice issinking in the water.

Unusual Expand characteristics expand of water is called Water Anomaly.

Gas Expansion

Gas will be exspand if the temperature increase. And will contract if temperature decrease.

Gas coefisien expansion = 1/273°C=0,0037 per °C

Expansion in daily life.

  1. Termometer
  2. Bimetalic strip
  3. Metal plates riveting
  4. Instalation of metal rims on wheels
  5. railway track joint
  6. Expansion joint on a bridge


Bimetallic strip is made by bonding strip of two metal with different of thermal thermal coefisien together.

When the strip is heated, it tends to bend to the side that has a smaller coefisient of thermal expantion.

When it is cooled, it tend to bend to the biger coefisient of thermal expantion.

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