Physical and Chemical properties

Phases of Matter

Each phase of matter has its own chemical and physical properties. The phases of matter you need to know are:

  • Solid – a solid has a definite shape and volume
  • Liquid – a liquid has a definite volume, but can change shape
  • Gas – the shape and volume of a gas can change

Phase Changes

These phases of matter can change from one to another. Remember the definitions of the following phase changes:

  • Melting – melting occurs when a substance changes from a solid to a liquid
  • Boiling – boiling is when a substance changes from a liquid to a gas
  • Condensing – condensation is when a gas changes to a liquid
  • Freezing – freezing is when a liquid changes to a solid

Physical & Chemical Changes

The changes that take place in substances may be categorized in two classes:

  • Physical Change – does not produce a new substance (e.g., phase changes, crushing a can)
  • Chemical Change – produces a new substance (e.g., burning, rusting, photosynthesis)


A solution results from combining two or more substances. Making a solution can produce either a physical or chemical change. You can tell them apart this way:

  • The original substances can be separated from one another if the solution produces only a physical change.
  • The original substances cannot be separated from one another if a chemical change took place.

Here are some other examples of chemical reactions:

raw egg raw egg becomes cooked egg
cooked egg
cake batter cake mix
becomes cake
angel food cake
newspaper paper becomes ash
new vehicle steel becomes rust
old, wrecked and rusted  vehicle

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